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Tony Danza is a super fast super sweet adult Italian Greyhound mix of about 14 lbs. He needs a home with loving people who understand his adorable, complicated little self with the energy to exercise him regularly.


True to his breed, Tony is agile and slippery so he needs a home that is far from traffic so his escapes aren't life threatening. He can outrun cats , bikes, and all humans. Although Tony has the spirit to run, he is a hugely a cute and happy snuggler. 

He gets along with some smaller dogs, but not cats.


Sadly, Tony was abandoned by his family due to divorce and then became a victim of the recent floods.  He slept and played with his two children and ran with his adults and would love another home where he could cuddle and have daily exercise.  He is exceptionally sweet and easily makes those around him smile. 

A volunteer wrote: "I met a very special little guy today. His name is Tony Danza. He is an incredible mixture of Italian Greyhound, which gives him such grace and agility, and Dachshund, which gives him impeccable hunting instincts. He is just 7 years old, 14 lbs.. and, in his young life, he has seen and been through a lot.


There are many sides to Tony Danza: gentle, sweet, calm, affectionate, and then there is the bouncy, "pogo-stick" like behavior that will keep you in stitches! He is amazingly fast on his feet and can sour the skies with a leap!


Tony Danza is very housebroken, enjoys walks, is quiet most of the time, and truly just wants someone to love him. Will you?


Tony has the most expressive ears, the most beautiful eyes that will melt your heart.


He is good with children and best with kids age 10 and older.


He has been through a lot and needs an experienced owner who is familiar with small breeds.


When Tony trusts you, he is a darling, loving, protective boy...loyal and regal, smart, and sassy. I fell in love with Tony Danza today, and I hope that you will,too.


He's best flying solo but does like some dogs and definitely no cats or little critters in your home. Remember, he has Doxie in him."


Tony Danza is in a foster home in central N. J. and is available right now! Email to meet him!" and apply to adopt him at the link below!

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