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Strudel is a toy POODLE/MALTESE aka Malti-poo. He doesn’t shed so he will require regular grooming as his hair grows. He is recovering from years of matted urine soaked hair so he’s still a bit skittish. At around 5 years of age he’s a solid sporty guy who runs like he’s wearing cowboy boots- he was a puppy mill dog so he has a few quirks. Strudel is a sweet lap dog once you catch him but he is hand shy. Not snappy, just shy, so it will be a special patient person who adopts him. He will take time to adjust and would do well with another dog. Adults only. Fenced yard a plus.

He is a sad, scared little guy just waiting to be noticed.  Will you be the one to show him how good life can be for him?  The rewards and love you will receive watching this little guy grow given patience, gentle love and trust will amaze you as you see a happy loving and loyal pup emerge.


That face.....irresistable!

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