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Shayna a 13-year-old Maltese.  Sadly, she is  currently  mourning the loss of her person. She is as sweet as she looks and is a very gentle loving girl  who is used to having a person full-time.


She’s indifferent towards other dogs but would prefer they don’t knock her down. She is deaf, has good eyesight, loves walks and has big plans for the future.


Shayna has been well cared for and loved. She misses her mom. She will need a person with the patience, love and time to help her heal.

Little Shayna is improving each day as she learns that there are people who want to love and care for her.  Her foster mom takes care to implement some familiar routines with her that she used to enjoy  with her mom in order to provide  comfort and stability as she heals.  In the afternoons, she likes sharing an apple and taking walks.    She is holding her tail up more each day and beginning to adjust to her new surroundings.  She is a true little gem and deserves all the love that someone special for her has to give.


Local adoptions only.

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