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Layla must have had an angel looking over her shoulder when she was turned into the shelter with her 15 year old pal, Pinky.  Both were profoundly neglected and in desperate need of help. The crew at Little Dog Lifeboat knew they needed each other's support to recover and took both of these pups into rescue.   Layla's  pal, Pinky, however, is not available for adoption.  He will be staying in our hospice program and receive all the medical care that he needs to be happy and pain free.

Layla and Pinky are both gentle and loving pups. Layla needs just the right human to love her and spend lots of time with her.  She loves playing ball and loves getting hugs. She needs lots of love and play time especially since she has been so neglected.  She deserves to be the center of someone's attention as she blossoms when given lots of love and friendship.  She is such a precious little girl and will definitely brighten the life of her forever human. She is about 12 years old. 

Layla has not been with us long and we will have more pictures and information posted soon.  Please visit our Facebook group for updates.

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