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Callie is an elegant little chihuahua & Italian greyhound mix, petite at just five pounds.


She was raised in a quiet home with an older retired woman who gave her lots of love  so she snuggles and will give you tiny kisses once you’ve won her trust. She loves to chase and fetch with a style that is unique.

Callie has had very little experience with other dogs. We’ve worked on her manners with various pups hoping she could make some doggy friends so she’s making progress. She plays more like a cat, standing on her hind legs to use her arms like a kitten, batting at the other dog until it chases her away. She loves to chase and be chased by her confused pals.

Callie will keep you laughing with her adorable antics. She wants an Adult home only. A  Quiet home is best.
Would make great condo dog. Wants a person who has the time to dote on her and the patience to get to know her.

Local adoptions only near Mercer, Hunterdon county NJ.

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