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Since we are a licensed rescue by the New Jersey Department of Agriculture, there are a few guidelines we must follow:


  • First we must obtain an adoption application from anyone seeking to adopt.

    • Please complete it as thoroughly as possible to help speed up the approval process.

    • Once an application is submitted, it will be reviewed by the shelter manager and then submitted for approval to the Board of Directors.

    • This process can be completed quickly and usually takes no more than 2-3 days. Applications must be approved before meeting the adoptable pets.  


  • Second, a pre-adoption home visit to your home may be required.

    • At times, an approved acting agent for Little Dog Lifeboat may make this visit.

    • These visits are at the discretion of Little Dog Lifeboat and, if possible, the dog being considered for adoption may be present at this visit.

    • This will give both the adopter and the dog an opportunity to see how well it responds to its potential new surroundings.

  • .At the time of adoption, you will be asked to sign an "Adoption Agreement," which basically states you are not adopting a dog for any illegal purposes and will endeavor to give the dog the best home possible.

    • Little Dog Lifeboat Rescue does follow up after the adoption, to make sure that all is going well with the animal in it's new home.


We know that sometimes the match just isn't there.

If the adoption does not work out, we ask that you return the dog to us rather than pass it on or, even worse, turn it into another shelter or animal control.

If the dog is returned within fourteen (14) days, a refund of the adoption fee (less 20% for administration cost) can be made or, in most cases, the adopter can try another dog.

Donations which are above and beyond the adoption fee can not be refunded.


After you adopt, we are available if you have any questions or concerns.

We love to get updates and especially photos!

Several people who adopted from us years ago still keep in contact, allowing us to cherish the path a particular dog's life has taken.

We can also advise you in effective treatments, medications, etc., that may save you money. We will also be happy to refer you to a vet, groomer or boarding facility if we are familiar with those providers in your area.


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at

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